What is Magic?

Encyclopedia Britannica defines magic as a concept used to describe a mode of rationality or way of thinking that looks to invisible forces to influence events, effect change in material conditions, or present the illusion of change. 

According to Google, magic is the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

Magic is a topic that’s easily misunderstood. To many, the word “magic” easily conjures images of women in pointy hats, standing in a clearing, holding hands and chanting around a big black cauldron. Jars of eye of newt and dead frogs can come to mind too. Movies and TV leaves us with the feeling that it takes a twitch of the nose and a big puff of smoke to get a spell going. Heck, tell someone that you practice magic on a daily basis and they’ll step away so quickly… it will seem like magic.

We each define every idea we encounter based on our knowledge, experiences, and perception. Magic has been an idea that many are curious about but won’t readily believe. The same can be said for miracles.

If we could approach the subject of magic with an open mind, our perceptions of it would widen. Encyclopedia Britannica references invisible forces; can you see energy? But exists, right? Google references magic as “the power”. Isn’t that also how energy is referenced?

Is Magic Real?

WuVala believes magic to be a general term for the spiritual practice of gathering the energies within us and around us, and with our focused intentions, utilizing these energies to bring something in – or out of our lives. Magic can be considered an esoteric way of changing or growing every situation into something wonderful.

Based on this belief, yes, magic is real. Everyone has the ability to perform real magic and many do so daily without realizing it. One of the most traditional, and successful examples of performing magic is prayer. The practice of prayer is ancient, sacred and powerful. Prayer calls on Divine energies to better or change a situation in your life, helping you to create the life you seek. If that’s not magical, I’m not sure what is. Magical practices have always existed because energy is readily available and pliable.

Quick Primer on Types of energies utilized in magical practices.

WuVala considers everything and everyone in existence an expression of the Divine. That makes all types of energies an expression of the Divine. Here’s a quick primer on WuVala’s categorization of magical practices based on the energies utilized.

  • Divine energies – God, deities, angels, saints, etc. Expressions of the Divine’s energy that vibrates at the highest frequencies. Known by different names across different cultures. Accessed via worship, meditation and/or offerings.
  • Earth energies – the Divine expressed as nature. Herbs, roots, trees, flowers, crystals, stones, waters, etc. If it’s part of the earth, it’s an expression of the Divine; it carries some of the Divine’s power/energy.
  • Lunar energies – the energy generated by the moon.
  • Ancestral energies- energy from the ancestors, utilized by many cultures, commonly accessed via ancestor worship and offerings.
  • Spirit energies – utilized by many cultures, commonly accessed via worship and offerings to the unrelated dead.
  • Demonic energies – Yes, even demons are expressions of divine energy. Those impatiently seeking personal gain are known to call on these energies.
  • Positive energies – the energies generated from joy, love, and gratitude
  • Negative energies – the energies generated from hate, jealousy, pettiness, suffering, and even sadness.

WuVala practices and guides others on the use of Positive energies, Divine energy, Earth energies, and Lunar energies.

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    • WuVala says:

      Hi Damian, Thank you for your question. Those are crystals. Sometimes I like to place the crystals in front of the deity when I meditate on the deity whose power I’m calling on to activate the crystals. It helps me stay focused on my intentions.

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