The Ultimate Guide To The Meaning Of Selenite And How To USE It

First discovered in 1747 by J.G. Wallerius selenite gets its name from the Greek word for “moon”. Spiritually, the meaning of selenite relates to rejuvenation and divine feminine energy. It represents spiritual purity, light, and connection to the angelic realms and is considered one of the most sacred crystals.

As a high-vibration healing crystal, selenite is an excellent choice to clear up stagnant energy in your environment and raise your spiritual vibration. It is a crown chakra crystal used in chakra healing and energy cleansing and promotes clarity, joy, and beauty while magnifying wealth and influence. Selenite can be worn as jewelry or carried as a stone, or used as a wand or athames in energy cleansing rituals.

Let’s look at the meaning of selenite through its history, metaphysical powers, usage and energy cleansing powers.

Selenite usage in world history

Selenite meaning in Greece

The use of selenite crystal dates back to the Ancient Greeks who are also credited with naming the crystal. In Greek, selenite means moon and is associated with the Greek goddess Selene. She has the power to awaken intuition, inspire psychic visions and dreams. The Greeks lined their windows with selenite to draw light into darker rooms.

The peach selenite variety is connected to Persephone, Greek Queen of the Underworld. It illuminates dark places, leading to an understanding of one’s inner processes and an acceptance of the hidden self. 

Selenite meaning in ancient Mesopotamia 

In ancient Mesopotamia, selenite protected sick rooms from evil spirits. There is also a legend of a 5000-year-old ritual where priests made a paste of bitumen (solid or semi-solid form of petroleum) and selenite. The bitumen represented Asakku, the demon causing the illness and selenite represented Ninurta or Saturn, a positive deity. The paste was smeared on the sick person’s door. Figures of sages or apkallus were painted on the walls of the room, at the head and foot of the bed. Ninurta then used the crystal powers of selenite with sound effects and the deity figurines to fight and capture Asakku, who was then banished into the “Otherworld”. After the spirit was driven away, selenite, which holds the divine light, was put in its place to fill the void.   

Selenite meaning in Kabbalistic creation myth 

According to a kabbalistic creation myth God existed everywhere before the universe came into being. To make space for the world, he inhaled. In order to be present in creation, he made vessels of divine light all over the universe, but the vessels shattered. Since selenite carries that divine light, it has the job of reuniting these divine pieces with the source. 

Selenite meaning in the medieval age 

During the medieval age, it was believed that selenite held the moon’s image and grew or shrank with the lunar phases. When carved with the two phases of the moon and worn as jewelry, selenite inspired love. It brought peace and harmony, helped lovers get back together, healed wounds and diseases, protected from thieves, kept sea travelers safe from storms, attracted wealth and brought fame. 

When placed under the tongue on the first and second days of the moon, the individual could predict the future. When worn on the finger, it brought divine inspiration and respect. If encased in a gold capsule with parsley, it was believed to make bees fertile. 

The Lapidary of King Alfonso stated that wearing selenite cured epilepsy and prevented attacks. It also claimed that when hung on a tree, the fruits would grow and ripen faster. 

French Renaissance writer, Francois Rabelais, in his work Pantagruel, described the temple of “la Dive Bouteille” as having seven columns made of precious stones. The first was sapphire, the second jacinth, the third diamond, etc. The seventh column was transparent selenite, appearing as though the moon was trapped in it, waxing and waning. 

Although selenite can grow into perfect tubular crystals, sometimes it forms as thin sheets. The window panes of the fifth century church Santa Sabina in Rome are made of selenite. 

Selenite meaning for energy workers 

Today, energy workers consider selenite as one of their most powerful energy tools to clear energy blockages, purify, clear and cleanse a space and everything in it. Its high vibration fills one’s energy field with light, uplifting your spirit and taking you to a higher state. Selenite is also used to clear and charge other crystals and renew their energy. 

Selenite is used in spiritual and energetic practices such as meditation, reiki, breath work, yoga and cord-cutting. In reiki practice, selenite wands and smaller stones are used. The wand is used to clear negativity and tension before beginning the practice. The wand is then held above the body and brought down from head to toe, moving along the spine. The reiki session is concluded by placing the small stones on the chakra points to align and balance their harmony.

Selenite is associated with the zodiac sign Taurus. Its vibrational number is 8. 

What is selenite?

Selenite is a crystallized form of gypsum, a hydrous calcium sulfate that forms as transparent crystals or in crystalline masses. It feels warm to the touch and has a clay like texture that can be easily scratched.

Selenite forms in different colors and can be pure white, transparent, orange, peach, grey-blue, green, brown and bright golden yellow. Usually found as rods and shards selenite is also found as flat pieces. 

Where is selenite found?

Selenite is abundant in nature and found all over the world. The gorgeous white opaque gypsum selenite crystals and the translucent ones mostly come from the Cave of Crystals in the Naica mine in Chihuahua, Mexico. About 300 meters below, there are enormous crystal rods of selenite—some as big as trees and city buildings. There is a corridor called the cave of crystals almost 1000 feet below the entry where you’ll find some of the largest rapidly growing natural crystals. Until 2015, visitors were allowed to tour the cave of crystals but this was closed due to flooding hazards. 

Selenite is also found in Morocco, the United States, England, Greece, Japan, Germany, France, Argentina, Brazil, Madagascar, Poland, Russia and Australia.

In the US, Utah has some of the most dazzling selenite specimens in the world. 

Today, most of the selenite available is the satin spar variety. This is connected to the crown chakra. Its appearance is opaque, silky, fibrous, and pearly white, and shimmers. 

Besides the clear colorless or pearly white crystals of selenite, sometimes other minerals appear in selenite and result in the formation of tinted selenite crystals with additional qualities. 

Selenite uses and varieties 

Pure/transparent Selenite uses

  • Powerful energy-cleansing tool to clear energy blockages
  • Cleanses and purifies its environment
  • Cleanses the aura of negative energy
  • Aids in spiritual growth
  • Enables emotional stability
  • Perfect for meditation and spiritual work
  • Fosters harmonious partnerships
  • Provides insight and good judgment during negotiations or arguments
  • At work, its use strengthens team spirit
  • Ideal for gridding your home for protection
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Improves memory
  • Clears confusion and brings mental clarity
  • Opens the crown chakra and soul star chakra with its high vibration
  • Helps develop telepathic communication
  • Enables soul connection and spiritual enlightenment

Cleanses and charges other crystals

Desert rose, looks like a peachy brown golden rose. This is connected to the mid chakras and used to strengthen the power of positive affirmations. 

Gypsum flower, an opaque variety in different shapes. It brings healing vibes to cleanse the body and heart, clearing energy blockages. 

Golden ray selenite, a high vibration powerful healing variety.  

Blue Selenite uses

  • Has the full intuitive power of a moon crystal combined with intellectual knowledge.
  • Ideal business crystal for balancing integrity and people skills with financial insight.
  • Can see through illusion
  • Calms the intellect and eliminates mind chatter during meditation when placed on the third eye.
  • In a month with two full moons, it is a lucky talisman ideal for starting anything new  
  • Green Selenite uses 
  • Promotes self-esteem and a general sense of well-being.

Orange or Orange-brown Selenite uses 

  • Associated with the sacral chakra and perfect for use in the home or workspace
  • Encourages a friendly, productive atmosphere
  • Helps to ground angelic energies and earth healing
  • Helps in healing the effects of natural disasters and houses suffering from electromagnetic stress
  • Helps connect with moon and earth divas or higher beings  

Peach Selenite uses

  • Helps with emotional transformation
  • Resolves issues of abandonment, rejection, alienation or betrayal.
  • Used as a karmic cleanser for healing, forgiveness and acceptance.
  • Helps women reconnect to the wise feminine divine power when going through puberty, childbirth or menopause. 

 Fishtail Selenite or Angel Wings Selenite uses

  • Soothes and stabilizes emotions
  • Diffuses tension
  • Invites positivity and light to guide through uncertainties
  • Helps connect with one’s angels  

Although different varieties of selenite are available, the transparent well-formed crystals are considered true selenite.

Metaphysical Powers of Selenite

Selenite literally shines as a spirit guide and a tool for removing energy blocks that prevent you from attaining your full potential. Soothing at first sight, selenite is a much-loved goddess stone that brings protection and harmony and heals your mind, soul, and body. 

Selenite works closely with our higher chakras: the crown chakra and third eye chakra to keep our energy flowing, opening us up to the glorious messages from the universe. The journey of healing with selenite begins at the heart chakra through which energy flows to the higher chakras, leading to positive change. When our hearts are spiritually healthy and open, they fill with compassion and love, allowing us to accept the messages we receive from the higher plane. 

When we work around our crown chakra with selenite, we can clear our minds, removing negative thoughts and memories and mental blocks. As we experience the pure energy of selenite, we can feel our worries disappear and grow calmer. 

Selenite is also used for aura cleansing and in reiki healing. It helps communicate with the angel realms as well as in getting answers from past lives. Selenite also helps awaken your psychic abilities, so that you can let go of unwanted and toxic emotional baggage. Since selenite is believed to absorb events that happen in its presence, it can be used to uncover the truth in those events. It can also be used in “scrying” where it acts as a medium for detecting messages and visions. 

When meditating with selenite, you can access your past and future lives. Selenite brings mental clarity by revealing the big picture when you grapple with life issues. It also helps you strengthen your memory. 

Since selenite carries light, remember not to store it inside a closet or drawer as it may dull its metaphysical properties and its shine.  

Selenite Chakra: Crown Chakra

The Sahasrara Chakra is located at the top of the head/crown and is our connection to the universe and the Divine. It is our source of enlightenment and spiritual connection allowing us to experience unity and the selfless realization that everything is connected. It focuses our attention on the spiritual side of life and when strong and aligned, the Sahasrara Chakra leads you to understand the deeper nature of all things and realize that everything is made of spiritual energy. This chakra is a gateway for energy healing, to both receive and channel.

The main chakra that selenite can clear and activate is the Third Eye (6th) Chakra. This is the center of our focus and it is how we are able to part the waters of confusion to achieve clarity. Once selenite has cleared the 6th Chakra, it can be used on the Crown (7th) Chakra. By clearing the Third Eye Chakra first, you will notice the flow of energy will be less strangled and will enable you to connect more with the Angelic realm.

Selenite Zodiac: Taurus

Taurus is an Earth sign, just like Virgo and Capricorn, and has the ability to see things from a grounded, practical and realistic perspective. They find it easy to make money and stay on the same projects for years, or until they are completed. What we often see as stubbornness can be interpreted as commitment, and their ability to complete tasks whatever it takes is uncanny. This makes them excellent employees, great long-term friends and partners, and always being there for people they love. The earthly note makes them overprotective, conservative, or materialistic at times, with views of the world founded on their love of money and wealth.

Selenite Planet: Moon

Named after the Greek moon goddess Selene.

Selenite and Divine Beings 

When we feel out of balance with the world, the feeling is usually accompanied by physical pain. This is a sign that we need to focus on self-care and connect with our spiritual selves, to listen to what our angels and spiritual guides have to say. 

As we mentioned before, selenite honors the Greek moon goddess Selene, who is shown dressed in flowing robes, wearing a crown of the crescent moon, and carrying a torch. She traverses the sky, guiding and shielding those who are in the dark. She carries mystery and romance, and it is hardly surprising that this resonates with women.  

Selenite connects us with our higher selves by activating our connection with the wisdom of ages. Selenite meaning is associated with many archangels including Auriel, Gabriel, Seraphiel, Uriel, Sandalphon, Tzaphkiel, and Metatron. It can help us align with our spiritual masters, guardian angels and spirit guides when we use it to meditate with intention.  

Most of us tend to be too caught up with our never-ending to-do lists and need to ground ourselves. Selenite has the ability to align us with the divine feminine, reminding us to breathe and open ourselves up to infinite possibilities.

 Here is a quick reference guide to help you connect with your guardian angel using the corresponding selenite based on your date of birth.  

Date                Selenite Color    Guardian Angel

6-10 January       Orange           Leliel

21-25 January     Orange           Umbael

5-9 April          Orange           Elemiah

6-10 May        Clear              Aladiah

7-11 July         Light Green         Jejalel

28 July – 1 August Light Blue       Haaiah

2-6 August       Orange           Terathel

13-17 August       Clear                  Rejajel

14-18 October     Light Orange       Hahael

18-22 November Light Orange       Mihael

3-7 December     Clear                  Hahasiah

Everyday Selenite uses  

Selenite is a highly spiritual stone that is perfect for moving through energy blocks, inviting peace and protection. It opens us up to higher frequencies and the universe’s messages. 

One of the best things about selenite is that it starts working as soon as you hold it in your hand, helping you release anxiety, freeing you from messy thoughts and bringing you mental clarity to make the right decisions. It also encourages you to be open and forgiving of situations that you need to let go of, so that you can rise to your full potential. 

Also, selenite is easily available. Due to its versatility, you can wear it or use it in your home decor to get the best benefits.  For massage therapists, chiropractors, and physical therapists, selenite is the favorite stone in their treatment toolbox.   

Selenite uses in spiritual healing

Selenite brings a long list of spiritual uses such as angel communication/connection, aura clearing and renewing, communication and connection with the higher self and higher realm, and enhancing psychic abilities and intuition. It helps with meditation, past life recalls, reiki healing, and releasing unwanted negativity. When you hold it at the heart during meditation, it relieves stress and anxiety.

Selenite uses in emotional healing

On the emotional front, selenite helps with improving self-confidence, self-worth and positive energy, managing chaos, being more forgiving, and reducing stress. For women, selenite is a great talisman, bringing harmony and support in all phases of life. When worn as jewelry, it attracts love, fertility and keeps them calm through pregnancy and motherhood. When a selenite angel is placed where moonlight shines on her, it spreads warm loving energy.

When you meditate with a selenite over your crown chakra, it raises your own awareness and intuition levels bringing clarity of thought and clearer visions when you are awake as well as when you are sleeping. This can steer you in the direction you want your life to go. 

Here are some everyday selenite uses 

  • Cleanse and purify your environment
  • Clear negative energy
  • Cleanse and charge other crystals
  • In meditation and spiritual work
  • Protect your home
  • Soothe nightmares and sleep better
  • Improve memory
  • To bring a sense of peace and quiet your mind when your head is full of conflicting thoughts leading to mental clarity
  • To protect you from psychic attacks
  • Cleanse your mind of negativity
  • To stay focused on the present, clearing mental fog
  • To balance and stabilize the body and emotions
  • To awaken your telepathic abilities
  • Physical healing to treat health issues such as arthritis
  • To boost your energy levels
  • To remove blocks in your energy fields and detoxify your body
  • Promote emotional wellbeing
  • Attract wealth and abundance

15 tips to start using the spiritual healing powers of selenite right away

  1. Keep selenite crystals with you at home or at work to shift the energy around you.
  2. Place a selenite generator beside your hallway, front door or entrance to keep negative energies away
  3. Place selenite sticks on your windowsill to keep bad spirits away.
  4. Place selenite under your pillow, under your bed, or on your bedside table for better sleep.
  5. Place your bare feet on selenite for balance, clarity, and a shift in your personal energy field.
  6. Place selenite on your chest when you lay down to realign your chakras
  7. Place selenite on your dining table to promote better communication and a happy ambiance.  
  8. When you place selenite on top of your head, it clears mental confusion
  9. When you want to reconnect with someone, send them a small selenite.
  10. For children who are afraid of the dark, a selenite sphere can be soothing and make them calmer and feel safe.
  11. Selenite is perfect for gridding a space to create a cozy environment safe from negative influences. It can be placed inside the home of the office in the corners of the rooms. Selenite eggs and clusters protect from outside negativity.
  12. When you roll selenite harmonizers against the part of your body that feels sore or painful from a psychic attack, for half an hour, it cleans the energy causing the pain.  
  13. When you feel overwhelmed, sit in a quiet place and hold your selenite crystal in your hands to calm down and feel balanced.
  14. Place selenite in your kitchen, bedrooms and living areas to clear the energy.
  15. Use selenite lamps instead of salt lamps to clear energy. You don’t even have to turn on the lamp.  

How to use selenite for Energy Cleansing and Chakra Healing

Whether we realize it or not, we accumulate a lot of energy throughout our day. Not all of it is good energy. Just like our living space, our energy field can also gather dust, dulling its shine under the layer of darkness. This makes it important to ensure that the energy is cleared regularly for our spiritual and emotional wellbeing. This is where selenite comes in, to cleanse and replace lower vibrational energy with higher vibrations.

As a clearing and purification crystal, selenite resonates with the crown chakra located at the top of the head and soul star chakra or eighth chakra. The crown chakra is the gateway to the higher realm and influences our thoughts and our response to the world. It is our source of spirituality. When the crown chakra is balanced, our energies are in balance. This keeps us calm in the face of life’s problems.

By using selenite to open the crown chakra, it enables us to access the eighth through the fourteenth chakras, promoting spiritual growth. When the energy moves through the crown chakra, it clears negativity and allows the free flow of energy to the soul star chakra. Meditating with selenite opens and activates the soul star chakra via the crown chakra. 

When selenite is first used with the heart chakra or third eye, one can feel the energy moving through the crown chakra. After negativity and distortions are cleared from the crown chakra, the energy flows freely to the soul star chakra.

Whenever you feel blocked energy, use a selenite wand to release it. Place the wand in those areas of your body where you feel the energy blocks for about twenty minutes. You will feel the difference.

Selenite can also be used with other crystals to magnify the effects. For example, using a stone for each chakra in order along the selenite wand can help balance and activate the chakras.

Selenite’s white light activates the etheric chakras above the head, along with the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. These chakras are the cosmic doorway to the higher realms. Whether it is used to clear personal energy fields or the environment’s energy or cleanse other crystals, selenite is ideal for dispersing unwanted energy and replacing it with light, positive energy. To speed you up on your spiritual path, you can combine selenite with the sixth, seventh or eighth chakra stones or crystals to facilitate a powerful meditation experience.

Using selenite’s healing properties and high vibration on a daily basis can brighten your inner light, preventing darkness from entering. This not only raises your energy but also creates a protective bubble around you. Placing selenite in the four corners of your room seals in positive energy and cleanses it of negative energy.

By wearing selenite jewelry, carrying selenite with you, or placing it in your home and workspace you can ensure that your personal energy and the energy of your environment are always cleansed. 

Two things you could try right away! 

  1. To clear personal energy, hold the selenite close to your body—either over your chest or moving it a couple of inches over your skin to wipe away the negative energy. Once you are done, you will feel uplifted and happier. 
  2. When you experience low energy, hold selenite over your chest and take three deep breaths to instantly cleanse your energy. 

How to use selenite as jewelry

Wearing selenite jewelry is a powerful way to ensure that your energy is constantly purified, clearing out any negative or low vibration energy that might arise in and around you.  

With its stunning appearance and availability in so many colors ranging from pearly white to green, brown, pure white, orange, transparent, peach, grey-blue, and golden yellow, we would not be exaggerating when we say that selenite will dazzle you with its powers and beauty. The good news is, to make the most of its healing properties, it can be worn as jewelry—as pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

Even though selenite is a soft stone prone to scratching, you can wear it close to your skin to enhance your personal vibrations and promote chakra healing. You must be careful not to expose selenite jewelry to the elements.

Selenite can be paired with other precious stones that enhance the crown chakra. These include the gorgeous purple amethyst, a spiritual stone that complements the selenite. Another natural choice is the moonstone to magnify lunar energy and bring refreshing change into your life.  

Some other stones that work well with selenite are: 

  • Charoite: to keep you balanced and grounded. 
  • Lepidolite: to prepare you for spiritual awakening and supporting you on your spiritual journey
  • Agate: to double the energy.
  • Tourmaline: for extra grounding and protection.
  • Rose quartz: to open up the heart chakra fully

When you are not wearing your selenite jewelry, store it carefully in a soft cloth bag to prevent scratching. Do not combine with other crystals while storing. If you want to clean your selenite jewelry, use a soft non-abrasive cloth to wipe it gently. Since selenite can dissolve in water, never put it in water or even rinse it in water. 

How to use selenite cubes and tourmaline stones to protect your home

Did you know that selenite can be your guardian angel and help you protect your home? Your home is your sanctuary where you live with your loved ones and feel safe. To keep the positive energy flowing at all times, you can use selenite cubes as the protection crystal of choice along with black tourmaline to block negative energy and influences.

As protection crystals, selenite and black tourmaline complement each other. While selenite acts as your guardian angel, black tourmaline takes the role of a protective shield, keeping your home safe. 

As powerful protection crystals for your home, selenite cubes protect yet soothe, filling your home with angelic energy to create a calm space. In addition to this, Selenite also removes stale or stagnant negative energy. When used with black tourmaline, selenite boosts its energy. So, place your black tourmaline on top of the selenite cube in your home for a super-strong protection combination.    

Black Tourmaline ranks among the most powerful crystals to protect your home with its high-vibrational grounding. It protects from all negative energy, EMFs, and geopathic stress. and cleanses energy blockages inside your home.  

To protect your home with selenite and black tourmaline, we recommend these steps: 

  • Cleanse your home with sage.
  • Release all the trapped negative energy by opening all your windows and airing your home.
  • Now place both black tourmaline and selenite cubes in the main corners of your home.
  • For a room that needs extra protection, place the protection crystals in each corner of the room.
  • After placing the crystals across your home, set your intention. Find a central spot inside your house and sit. Relax and focus your energy on visualizing a protective energy shield forming around your house as the energy of the protection crystals connect.  

Once you do this, these crystals will protect you, and your family while in your home from negative energies.

How to use selenite bowls 

Selenite bowls are excellent for cleansing and charging your other crystals, as well as clearing the energy of your environment. The high frequency of selenite crystals is particularly helpful in charging and energizing other crystals. 

When you use heart-shaped selenite bowls, the selenite’s abilities are intensified and strengthened by positive vibrations enabling it to become the perfect tool for setting intentions related to happiness and love. 

To do this, place the selenite heart bowl in your bedroom, kitchen, living room or the space of your choice. Now put the crystals whose energy needs to be cleared and charged in the selenite bowl. If you wish, you may note your intentions on a sheet of paper and place it in the selenite bowl to supercharge your intentions. 

How to use Selenite Athames 

Selenite knife

Athames are basically ceremonial blades used as magical tools in Wiccan and pagan rituals and for creating spells. However, athames are widely used by other energy workers. They are linked to the air and fire elements and used to direct energy.   

Selenite athame blades are traditionally used for rituals and boundary-setting, besides cleansing, charging, and raising the vibrations of other crystals. They are powerful for purifying spaces and raising the vibrations of practically everything they come in contact with. Considered as talismans of peace and joy, selenite athames are rich in moon energy and especially used by energy workers for various ceremonial practices such as: 

  • Cutting cord rituals, a practice where the selenite athame is used to cut energetic ties that no longer serve us.
  • Boundary-setting work
  • Channeling divine white light
  • Closing and opening energy circles especially during moon rituals
  • Cleansing and charging other crystals
  • Purifying and protecting sacred spaces 

Unlike other crystals, selenite does not need to be charged, as it is self-charging. Meditating with it can bring you clarity and peace. By placing it on your altar, you can experience its uplifting vibrations to cleanse your space and fill it with happiness. Just holding the selenite athame will drain any negative energy from your body.   

How to Use A Selenite Wand

Using a selenite stick as a selenite wand is one of the most powerful tools in an energy worker’s toolkit. It can be used in many ways—for energy work, to connect with the higher realm, and even to undo curses and hexes.  

As soon as you get a new selenite wand, place it in the sun for about an hour to charge it. In fact, do this each time you use it. Even though selenite typically does not hold negativity, the sun’s power removes any negativity from the wand that it may have absorbed when it is used for healing. Do be careful not to leave it out in the rain as this can damage the wand.

Selenite wands are usually used by healers for cleansing and clearing unwanted energy in the body or immediate environment. Crystal healers use the wand to target and diffuse energy in a specific chakra or body.

Six ways to use a selenite wand in your energy routine

1.  In meditation and to heal anxiety

Its association with the crown and third-eye chakra makes selenite perfect for meditation as it clears and opens up these energy centers. 

Here is what to do:

Sit and hold your selenite wand in your hand. If you prefer to lay down, place it in the middle of your chest. Hold the selenite wand and meditate. Soon you will feel the peace and relaxation settling in. Don’t worry if you fall asleep. Feel free to visualize positive situations to make them happen.

2.  To heal anxiety

When you feel anxious or overwhelmed simply hold your selenite wand and take deep breaths to calm your mind.

3.  To clear your auric field

Create a calming energy routine where you use your selenite wand to clear your energy field. We are made of energy. This includes our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Before we see the physical side of something, it first manifests as energy in our auric field. Our body has many energy meridians connected to our chakras, our main energy centers.

 Just hold the wand and run it over your body, clearing your aura. Feel the calming and healing vibration of your selenite wand. You can use it as frequently as you like. 

4.  To release trapped negative energy from your body

When you remove trapped energy from your body, you will feel a shift in energy. Reiki workers use the selenite wands to do this.

For example, if you have been experiencing knee pain, point your wand at your knee, then move it in small circles. After a few seconds, pull back the wand as if to remove and discard the energy that caused the pain. If you want to associate the negative energy with emotion, go ahead and do that as the combination of the powerful selenite wand and the emotion will bring you effective results. Thus, if the knee pain made you unhappy that you couldn’t join your friends on that trip, imagine pulling out the unhappiness from your knee, to heal yourself at an emotional level.

5.  To clean and boost your crystal collection  

Selenite cleanses and charges other crystals. Place your selenite wand with your crystal collection to enhance their energy. If you are working with a particular crystal like amethyst for stress relief and mental clarity, charge it with your selenite wand for stronger results.

Alternately, hold the crystal you are working with in one hand and your selenite wand in the other or place them close to each other near you to enhance the effect.

6.  To connect with your higher self

We now know that holding your selenite wand while meditating improves your focus. It also helps you connect with your spirit guides and tune in to the spiritual realm. It raises your vibrations and frequency levels, helping you reach that higher energy plane to get the answers you are looking for.

As you can see, selenite is a wonderful crystal that enhances your intuition and helps you trust yourself. 

How to use selenite in a ritual 

Selenite is a powerful crystal for clearing energy and negative patterns. Whatever your goal, remember to do it in the waning phase of the moon cycle for powerful results. The waning moon is symbolic of getting rid of the energy that drags you down, clearing the space for what you need.  

What you will need for the ritual 

  • A selenite crystal for clearing out negative energy or negative patterns/behaviors  
  • A sheet of paper 
  • A pen to write with
  • A crystal that represents what you want to attract, which aligns with your intention.
  • A sage cleansing set
  • A spot where your crystals will not be disturbed for the next two weeks.

Here is your step-by-step guide for clearing out negative energy/patterns/behaviors

  • First, cleanse the space and crystals with the sage.
  • Take the sheet of paper.
  • Write down what you would like to release or clear before the beginning of the next moon cycle. This can be something you would like to clear away – a habit you want to lose, a behavior pattern you would like to change, a relationship you want to improve, stress relief, removing money blocks, and so on.
  • Place this paper on the selenite crystal
  • On the paper, place the crystal that represents what you want to attract. (example: to release stress or an argument in your relationship and attract unconditional love, use a rose quartz stone; to clear money blocks, use a citrine stone to attract abundance)
  • Now make sure the crystals are preserved this way for the next two weeks.

The selenite will release the old energy and clear space for the top crystal to work on your intention, inviting new energy. 

How to cleanse and clean your selenite.

Selenite is a delicate stone that should be handled with care. When not wearing selenite jewelry, store it away from other stones and materials in a soft fabric bag to prevent scratching. To clean selenite, simply use a soft cloth free of impregnations. Selenite is water-soluble, so it’s recommended to avoid submersing or rinsing your stone in water. For this same reason, it is suggested to not use cleaners or polishes. Remove selenite jewelry before participating in sports or other activities that can cause perspiration. Keep selenite out of direct prolonged sunlight, as this exposure can cause loss of luster.

What I love about Selenite is that there is no need to cleanse the energy. Selenite’s energy vibrates at such a high frequency, it’s self-cleaning.

Leverage Selenite Uses

Selenite is literally a divine stone that can transform your life from the moment you acquire it. Take advantage of selenite uses with the easy rituals and tips outlined above to help you clear negative energy from your life. Selenite helps you protect your home and attract abundance while strengthening your relationships.

You can use selenite in various forms—from wearing it as jewelry to cleansing your crystal collection, as a wand, a bowl, or athames, or simply placing selenite in your altar—all of which can help you in energy healing, meditation, and chakra healing.

Welcome the power of selenite into your world and bring joy into your life. Say goodbye to most mental, physical, and emotional issues as you tap into the healing powers of selenite right from the moment you hold it in your hand.

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  1. Cher says:

    Great article! We just watched a documentary about the caves in Mexico and it looks like a neat place! Selenite is amazing and beautiful!

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