Symptoms of negative energy at home

negative energies at home

Negative or harmful energy seeps into our living and working spaces all the time. It can originate from your mood, the mood of a visitor, the history of the space, or the intentions of someone who is upset with you or envious of you.
Negative energy is a general term we use to describe sometimes unexplainable forces that make our lives harder to live.

Everything is made of energy. You, me, your house, your car, that rock you use as a paperweight. Everything can be affected and transformed by energy. Negative energy affecting your life isn’t as far-fetched as some may think.

15 Signs of negative energy in your home

  • Things seem to disappear. Your keys, purse, right shoe… Though in reality, they are right under your nose, you’re just too confused to see it. You could swear someone is playing hide-and-seek with your stuff.
  • Arguing for no reason. If you find that your loved ones are arguing a lot over petty things, this can be due to negative energy in your home and even worse, the bickering creates more negative energy.
  • You’re living paycheck to paycheck, though your paycheck should be sufficient to cover expenses, living, and saving. Stagnation in our prosperity is a sign that the path to growth is blocked.
  • Feeling sad or angry for no reason, out of the blue.
  • You’re tired all the time though you have had a full night’s sleep.
  • You do not feel like doing ANYTHING. You don’t feel like working, cooking, paying the bills, going out with friends, etc. Everyday things seem too overwhelming to do.
  • Emotions. When at home, if you find yourself feeling too overwhelmed by emotion to function as you normally would, you’ll find you’re dealing with negative energy.
  • Pests invade your clean home. If all of a sudden you have gone from the occasional mouse, waterbug, centipede, or housefly to an outright army invasion of these pests, something negative in the house is attracting them. This could be rotting food (that becomes negative as it decomposes) or negative energy. Weather changes can also cause this but if it’s enough pests to make you take notice, a cleansing is in order.
  • Odors. Bad odors of unknown origin that manifest spontaneously and disappear quickly.
  • Seeing shadows in your peripheral vision. Those who are even a little tiny bit intuitive can see the energy from the corners of their eye if the energy is abundantly negative (dark) or positive (white, flashes of light).
  • The feeling that you’re not alone, with a chill. Again, all you need is a little bit of access to your intuitive side to “feel” energy. Positive energy hovering around you will cause you to feel safe and secure, negative energy can cause goosebumps, chills, unnecessary exhaustion, and the feeling that you’re being watched or someone has entered the room when no one has.
  • Medical issues disappear when you’re at the doctor’s office. You’re feeling crummy at home, maybe coughing, headaches, body aches but as soon as you get in front of the doc, your symptoms disappear and you feel like an idiot. You get home, and the symptoms start again. This can be an indication of negative energy present in the home affecting your energy.
  • You’ve got a green thumb but your plants are dying. Plants are the first thing that goes to crap when your home is overwhelmed with negative energy.
  • Electronics go whacky. Remember, these need the energy to function too, so if your devices are not working at home but are working outside or work when a repairman shows up and things stop working when he leaves, there can be an overwhelming amount of negative energy in the home.
  • Sleep issues. Insomnia, nightmares, waking up constantly and freezing when everyone says it’s warm. Unless there is a reason for you to stress so much that you’re having issues sleeping, negative energy can be the cause. Unless you’re coming down with a fever or are anemic, chills shouldn’t be dismissed.

The most basic ways to clear these energies out of your home are:

  • sweep
  • mop
  • wipe everything down with a cleaning solution
  • wipe your walls and doors with a washcloth and water with a twist of lime or lemon
  • open the windows and let fresh air in
  • rearrange some furniture to help change the energy of the rooms.

I hope this helps. If you’d like some advanced tips on cleansing your home of negative energies please see this article here.

Energy can be influenced and you can influence it with your focused intentions, happiness, and thoughts of gratitude.

Featured Photo by Austin Chan

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