WuVala’s Custom Cleansing and Protection Kit


With a new year coming, developing energy-cleansing and protection practices is a healing way to honor your inner flow of energy and ensure your spirit truly feels at home in your home.

It’s time to clear out some lingering bad vibes and build a practice for cleansing and protection!

WuVala’s Custom Cleansing and Protection Kit has all the tools you need for a 3-day energy-cleansing ritual to clear out negative energy, and open up your space for positivity and joy to flow in.

During these 3 days, using the written directions specifically devised for you, you’ll also charge your own protection talisman to carry, and you’ll build and charge a protection crystal grid for your space.

This kit is a guided learning experience so you can continue this practice yourself, replenishing only those items you run out of. An existing belief in a Divine Form Of Energy is necessary to work with this kit.

See the description below for kit contents.

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