Divine Communication Talisman Bracelets


Have you hit a plateau in your kundalini ascension practice?

Having trouble receiving Divine guidance?

Perfect for mystics and those who meditate for divine union, the Kyanite crystal is your bridge between our plain and the divine realms.
Kyanite helps to increase the frequency of your energy’s vibration, align your chakras and is known to assist with dream recall.

Wear on your left wrist to support chakra alignment, hold in your left hand while meditating to increase the frequency of your third eye’s vibration and connection to the higher realms.

Kyanite vibrates at such a high frequency that it never needs cleansing.

Custom made, ritualistically blessed and powered with the purpose to carry out your intentions.

Do not wet. At checkout, please include your wrist measurement, date of birth and the intention you would like the talisman to support.

Allow one week to create and bless, and one week for shipment, depending on your location.

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