The Anxiety Relieving Power of Lepidolite

Known as one of the most powerful stress relievers, Lepidolite crystal is a gentle stone especially for emotional healing and treating anxiety. It contains high levels of lithium, an ingredient found in anti-anxiety medication and mood stabilizers. It brings a sense of peace and calm, reducing stress and balances the mind and spirit particularly when in a highly emotional state. Lepidolite is a gentle healing stone that can eliminate energy blocks and stimulate and balance the chakras.

A little history

 Lepidolite crystal gets its name from the Greek word “lepidos” meaning “scale” since it is associated with balance and harmony. You’ll often find it in the form of crystal jewelry as it is also a birthstone for the sun sign Libra.

The crystal can be in hues of blue, lilac, purple and lavender—all of which have similar energies. In addition to this, the crystal can sometimes be yellow, yellowish brown, grey, white or even colorless. 

Lepidolite is usually found in the Czech Republic, USA, Brazil, Greenland, Africa, Madagascar and the Dominican Republic. The lilac version is mostly found in Zimbabwe.

Healing powers of Lepidolite

Lepidolite is usually recommended to relieve stress, treat depression and anxiety. It has a soothing effect. When used in meditation, it produces a positive vibration that activates one’s spiritual energy leading to spiritual awakening and harmony with self. The flow of positive energy creates situations and coincidences that help you accomplish what you want.

Lepidolite’s metaphysical properties makes it effective with all chakras and also helps connect with one’s divine self. This crystal specifically resonates with the thymus or higher heart chakra, the heart chakra and crown chakra. It also stimulates your creativity, analytical thinking and intellect and enables you in identifying your unique pattern of thinking. 

A summary of Lepidolite’s various uses

·       Relieving stress 

·       Healing the heart after trauma, minimizing shock and emotional confusion

·       Soothing the effect of grief and loss, emotional suffering and agony

·       Helping children and pets overcome grief

·       Calming obsessive thoughts and aiding in decision making

·       Helping with allergies

·       Strengthening the immune system

·       Relieving fatigue

·       Helping with chemical sensitivity as a result of sick building syndrome

·       Treating bipolar disorder

·       Helping with Alzheimer’s, sciatica, neuralgia, joint pain, arthritis and inflammation with broken bones

·       Getting into a deeper meditative state or alpha state that results in a quiet mind and settles scattered energy

·       Aiding with spiritual purification, clearing negative energy from your auric field

·       Attaining theta state or the state of deep sleep and dreaming

·       Communicating with the higher realm and connecting with angels

·       Contacting spirit guides and working with them for spiritual growth

·       Quieting the nervous system and supporting the heart

·       Promoting peaceful sleep

·       Controlling mood swings especially during menopause

How can you use it? 

Thanks to lepidolite’s healing properties you can always enjoy its peaceful vibrations when you wear it.

·       Wear it as jewelry to release anxiety and stress and to overcome social anxiety

·       Keep the stone within your aura every day to get calming energy

·       Put it under your pillow to sleep better, especially when filled with anxiety

·       Place it against your skin to heal the spots where you feel energy blocks

·       Use its positive vibration to create joy, peace and serenity

·       Wear it to stay centered and balanced and realize that you are complete.

Lepidolite crystals have a wonderful way of bringing self-awareness and keeping you grounded, facilitating balanced decisions and thereby, long-term happiness.

Can you combine it with other stones?

lepidolite combines with these crystals

When combined with other stones, the lilac lepidolite enhances their properties and makes them more effective

Here are some valuable combinations:

·       Lepidolite can also be used with shamanite black calcite, aegirine and black tourmaline to get rid of negative energy from your auric field

·       For relief from allergies, use lepidolite with pudding stone, fuchsite, cookeite, shungite and muscovite

·       When going through stressful times, lepidolite can be paired with other lithium bases stones like lithium quartz, holmquistite, hiddenite, kunzite, amblygonite and pink tourmaline

·       Other heart chakra and thymus chakra stones that work with lepidolite in healing are morganite, emeralds, lazurine, chrysanthemum stone, seraphinite, transparent pink calcite, green tourmaline, dalmation jasper, eudialyte, pink smithsonite, and nirvana quartz.

·       To get into the deep meditative state, lepidolite can be used with other stones that work similarly

Other popular combinations with lepidolite are chrysoprase, prehnite, purpurite, and angelite.

Lepidolite encourages the wearer/user to pursue their own bliss, ensuring mind-body balance. It heals with its energy and calming vibes, instilling self-confidence. It helps replace negative emotions, anger and resentment with a sense of positivity and hope.

If you are looking for fresh beginnings, take advantage of this beautiful lavender crystal stone to focus your energy towards your goals. Draw courage from it. Make it a part of your meditation practice to connect with its healing energy. Let lepidolite guide you through rational thinking and steer you towards appropriate action. Let go of fear, negative thinking and self-doubt as you step into the light and success.

Spiritual healing information is not a substitute for a prescription, diagnosis or healthcare information. Please see the medical disclaimer here.

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