How to cleanse your house

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Below are several ways to cleanse negative energy from your home. If you’re not familiar with Symptoms of negative energy at home read this article first.

The secret sauce to making it work is focusing on your intention.

Some will sage their home or mop it while chatting on the phone, yelling at the kids, or making their food shopping list in their head. This is a distraction from your true purpose of cleansing your home.

Intentions are made of energy. Focused intentions create change.

When you cleanse using one of the ways listed below, do so while focusing your thoughts on the intention of clearing out all the negative energy as if it were dust. Say a prayer beforehand. Meditating first to bring in divine energy helps greatly when removing difficult negative energies and is better for you energetically. Depending on only your energy to conduct a home cleansing can leave you exhausted. I always recommend meditation first so you can “fill up” on divine energy before tackling any task that involves spiritually removing negative energy.

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How to remove negative energy

Your home has a powerful abundance of “your” energy (and those of your loved ones) just because of the amount of time you spend there thinking, talking, and doing. So it’s important to clear out negative energy in these physical spaces, and at the same time clear out any negative energy that’s stuck to you. So let’s start cleansing the home!

Here are several ways to clear negative energy from your home. You may want to try several. I’ve listed them in order of intensity (from clearing a little bit of natural negative energy to clearing out a lot of purposefully manifested negative energy. Numbers one, two, and three are a must in any situation:

Clean it up! It may be spotless but wiping down the walls and sweeping under area rugs will break up negative energy. Got a junk draw? Sort it out. Bills and mail piled up? Sort that too, there’s a place for everything and everything has a place. Laundry to do? Get on it. And stop hoarding. Truly. Throw things out. I get keeping stuff for sentimental reasons but negative energy attaches itself to objects too. Dead plants need to hit the compost too. Not only will your home be even cleaner than before, but that sense of accomplishment truly brings a sense of tranquility that pushes out negative energy.

Sweep, sweep it all the way out the door. Leave no spot unswept. Every dust bunny and candy wrapper you find is stale energy that you are banishing from your home. Always end outside the home’s main door.

Wash it out. Mop your home with the intention of ridding your home of negative energy. You can even give the water a bit of spiritual oomph by praying over it. Something as simple as “I pray to you (deity) to bless this water to cleanse my home so my home may be filled with love and joy and prosperity.” You can also add some fresh basil to the water. Soak it in the bucket for a little bit and then wring it out and throw the basil away. Pine scented floor cleaner also adds its own oomph, but don’t mix it with the basil. Use either/or. Then mop without worry. Mop with joy. Mop with love of your home and the inhabitants.

Move things around. Moving your furniture around, even if it’s just moving a lamp, breaks up the flow of negative energy.

Let the sunlight in. Open windows and allow fresh energy to chase out the stagnant energy.

Sing, laugh, or dance it off. Happiness plays a big part in dispelling negativity.

Smoke it. Burning sage or incense in your home in all of the rooms will also break up negative energy. One sage stick can be used multiple times and can also be used to clear up your personal energy. When done smoking your home with it, ground it out in an abalone shell or a fire-resistant container such as an ashtray.

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A Shamanic Task. If you’re experiencing an overwhelming amount of negative energy in your home, a coconut is your next step. This is a shamanic type of task that I perform in our home once a month. I pray to the Divine Goddess when doing this but you can pray to whoever you have faith in and love for. Coconuts naturally hold an abundance of energy. How you use the coconut, your intentions for the use of that coconut, and how you determine the nature of that energy (positive or negative). Many rituals require a coconut. The breaking of the coconut activates the intention you have for the coconut.

To cleanse your home of negativity with a coconut, follow these steps:

Buy 2 brown dry coconuts. The hairy ones.

Buy a bag of turmeric powder.

Buy a disposable bowl like this.

Wash the coconuts.

Fill the disposable bowl one inch in height of the turmeric powder.

Place the head of each coconut that has the 3 “eyes” into the bowl of turmeric powder to coat the head and completely cover the eyes. Turmeric is a cleansing agent and will assist in the process of cleaning the rooms.

Leave an open bag at the main door of your home, laying open, on its side so you can roll the coconut in after completing the following steps. Paper bags seem easier but you should use plastic bags, doubled. You’ll learn why later in the steps.

Hold the coconuts and pray. To whoever you have complete faith in. Pray and ask for assistance and to be able to channel the divine energy needed to draw the negative energy from your home into the coconut and out of your home and life. End your prayer by expressing gratitude for all that you have and for this opportunity to make your home better.

Take one coconut to one end of your home and place it on the floor. Do not touch the coconut with your hands (or any body part) again from this moment on. Use a broom to roll the coconut through the rooms all the way to your door and into the waiting bag. Always walk in front of the coconut, leading it. Never follow it. With every step, you must visualize the coconut sucking the negative energy in or you can visualize that every square foot you roll the coconut past becomes brighter. Have faith and belief in what you’re doing and it will work because intentions are made of energy. You have the power to do this. Never roll the same coconut through a room twice, unless that room leads to the door. If you need more than 2 coconuts, go for it.

Now use the next coconut to start on the other end of your home if the main door is in the middle of your home. If not, you can repeat the route of the first coconut. If you have an upstairs, start there and roll the coconut down the stairs to the door. If you have a basement, start from the furthest end and lead it up the stairs out your main door.

Tie the coconuts in the bag.

Walk over to a crossroad where there’s a trash can.

Drop the bag on the ground a few times until the coconuts crack. You can feel it through the bag but don’t touch it directly.

Drop the bag in the trash.

Walk away without turning back. Don’t return to that spot for 14 days.

Give your home a thorough mopping with a scent you love. I love lemon pine-sol.

Energy can be influenced and you can influence it with your focused intentions, happiness, and thoughts of gratitude.

Thanks for joining me today. Feel free to leave questions in the comments section.

Blessings to you!

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