How to cleanse and protect yourself from negative energies

Sometimes we fall off our path – become misaligned with our purpose. When this happens we have issues in relationships and with survival in this material world. We forget who we are. We don’t stand up for ourselves. We accept crumbs because we’re too afraid to fight for bread. We allow abuse because we’re afraid of being alone. Of raising our children alone. Our life takes a nose dive. It can seem as if it happened instantly, but if we look back (gosh I hate hindsight) we realize that this happened gradually while we were busy trying to survive.

Is it karma? Maybe. Karma is a lesson we will keep repeating until we learn it.

Does life just suck? It can feel like that.

Do you deserve it? No. Never.

These issues can arise due to the experiences we adopt from our parents and ancestors, from negative influences in our lives or from negative energies directed at us with the intention of making us miserable.

Is there an instant fix? No. It takes more time to build a bridge than it does to blow it up.

Can we overcome these issues? Yes. Yes, we can.

There are many ways we can clear up old energies and negative energies that are messing with our lives. I am happy for the opportunity to share with you the methods I have experience with, but first…

How do you know that you need spiritual cleansing?

The following list identifies a few major symptoms that can indicate that you need to spiritually cleanse yourself. Keep in mind that these symptoms can also indicate other types of health problems and it’s important to investigate all possibilities.

  • Sudden ongoing fatigue for no apparent reason.
  • Sudden illnesses that elude diagnosis or cannot be explained.
  • Sudden or irrational difficulties with finances or relationships.
  • Sudden depression without an apparent cause.
  • Feeling drained.
  • Hearing voices when drifting off to sleep.
  • Not feeling like yourself.
  • Unusual memory loss and or cloudy/foggy thinking.
  • Frequent nightmares.
  • Strange or recurring accidents.
  • Feeling someone is watching you.
  • A loss of self-confidence or seeming ongoing bad luck.
  • Irrational fear, anger or sorrow.
  • A negative obsessive thought, desire or fetish that won’t go away.
  • Feeling ice cold when it should be warm to you.
  • Everyone is different so symptoms can be different but the above list gives you an idea of what to look for.

How do these negative energies get attached to you?

  • Negative energies can be picked up almost anywhere where negative people, emotions or thoughts exist.
  • Negative energies are strongly drawn to individuals who use drugs and alcohol. Your aura weakens when you’re high. This allows negative energies from a person, place or thing to seep into your aura.
  • Moping, arguing, being petty and sour in general will attract negative energies to you like a magnet.
  • Used furniture comes with baggage. If a human spent hours on a couch crying or fighting, that energy seeps into the couch. You buy the couch on FB’s marketplace and the negative energies come right along with it. Next thing you know, you’re taking off the molding on doorways to get it into your living room. True story. (Sage that puppy before bringing it into your home.)
  • Negative energies also originate from people who have bad intentions for you. This is why I do not socialize with people I do not feel comfortable around. That uneasy feeling? It’s your intuition warning you that this person isn’t good for your energy system.

Does it matter what religion you practice?

Many forms of worship will teach you that to be a righteous and holy person you must suffer through the bad. That being said, if you’re reading this, then I’m guessing you’re sick of suffering. I am an Ordained Shakti Shaman. I believe we have a right to live a happy and prosperous life. I do not believe the Divine Goddess, the Lord Jesus Christ, Ganesha Bhagwan, Archangel Michael or any form of the Divine wants to see us suffer, and I happen to believe in all of them. It does not matter if you’re religious or not, or if you practice a specific religion, a spiritual cleansing is your right.

How do you cleanse yourself of negative energies?

Below I share my methods of cleansing myself and my family members. You do not have to believe in, have faith in, or worship any deity I do to make this work for you. You do need to have faith in some type of Higher Power. You can’t make a rainbow without light.  Let’s go from the super easy to the bit more complex.

Sage. Very common. Use can burn it and use it to cleanse yourself and your home. Many how-to videos on Youtube.

Cleanse and align your chakras with a sound bath.

Meditation and prayer. Raising the frequency of your spiritual vibration through meditating and prayer cleanses your aura.

Spiritual baths. You can buy these but I suggest only buying them within the faith you practice in or making them on your own. Spiritual baths are very powerful because prayer is powerful and prayer goes into the preparation.  A basic spiritual bath is to scrub basil onto itself (as if you’re scrubbing a stain out of clothing) within a big basin of water. Then add vinegar and salt. If you don’t have basil, you can instead add the juice of a lime to the water along with the vinegar and salt. I would use a whole lime, 1/8 cup vinegar, 1/8 cup salt, 4 cus of water. Praying during preparation adds an extra bit of spiritual oomph.  After a soapy shower and good rinse, light a white candle, place your hands in the basin and pray to the Higher Power of your preference to bless the water to cleanse the negative energies affecting you. Then use a bowl or cup to pour the water on yourself from the neck down. Let your skin air dry. Do this for 3 or 5 days straight. Do not skip days.

A Shamanic Task. If you’re experiencing an overwhelming amount of negative energy, a coconut is your next step. This is a shamanic type of task that I perform occasionally. I pray to the Divine Goddess when doing this but you can pray to whoever you have faith in and love for. Coconuts naturally hold an abundance of energy. How you use the coconut, your intentions for the use of that coconut, determines the nature of that energy (positive or negative). Many rituals require a coconut. The breaking of the coconut activates the intention of the coconut. To cleanse yourself of negativity with a coconut, follow these steps, preferably on a full-moon day:

Buy 1 brown dry coconuts. The hairy ones.

Buy a bag of turmeric powder.

Buy a disposable bowl like this.

Wash the coconut.

Fill the disposable bowl one inch in height of the turmeric powder.

Place the head of each coconut that has the 3 “eyes” into the bowl of turmeric powder to coat the head and completely cover the eyes. The turmeric is a cleansing agent and will assist in the process of cleaning the rooms.

Leave an open bag at the main door of your home, laying open, on its side so you can place the coconut in after completing the following steps. Paper bags seem easier but you should use plastic bags, doubled. You’ll learn why later in the steps.

Hold the coconut and pray. To whoever you have complete faith in. Pray and ask for assistance in drawing the negative energy from your body into the coconut and out of your life. End your prayer by expressing gratitude for all that you have and for this opportunity to make your life better.

Hold the coconut with the Tumeric end facing you, touching you, and from the top of your head, run the coconut straight down to your feet, holding the intention that the coconut is drawing the negative energy out of you, into itself. After you’ve reached your feet, start again from the top of the head, following a counter-clockwise path, start at another spot on your head and run the coconut down to your feet again. Repeat this until you’ve covered every inch of your body that you can reach, vertically.

Tie the coconut in the bag.

Walk over to a crossroads where there’s a trash can.

Drop the bag in the trash.

Walk away without turning back. Don’t return to that spot for 14 days.

Take a spiritual bath.

How do you protect yourself from negative energies?

  • Avoid people who make you feel uneasy.
  • Avoid substances that loosen your self-control.
  • Avoid intimate relations and relationships with negative people.
  • Avoid sketchy places and environments.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Cleanse yourself with sage or a spiritual bath once per week.
  • Wear or carry protection crystals.
  • Create a protection crystal grid.
  • Create a crystal protection reiki altar.
  • Regular meditation, daily gratitude affirmations, and prayer will raise the frequency of your aura, align your chakras and patch up wholes, keeping negative energies out.

 Remember, even when you feel like you’re going backward, forward still exists and you CAN change direction.

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