Aura quartz crystals 101

There’s no doubt that aura quartz crystals are incredibly gorgeous, flashing their iridescent exquisite beauty on the beholder. Even if they are embellished by modern techniques, the ancient powers of alchemy and synergy are intact in these crystals. It is not surprising to know that aura quartz is used in chakra healing and balancing energy. The surface of the natural clear quartz is permanently layered with precious metals through a special process to enhance the properties of its original elements while developing new subtle energies.

Aura quartz crystals – 11 popular varieties 

Aura Quartz crystals have healing powers with their unusually high vibration. Let’s look at some varieties of aura quartz and their uses. It is important to keep in mind that all aura quartzes, besides their inherent quartz properties, are also endowed with the properties of the metal they are paired with.

Angel Aura Quartz 

angel-aura-quartz crystal

Angel aura quartz, also known as Opal aura quartz, is usually paired with platinum and silver or gold. It is light blue and shimmers like a rainbow.  Its energy stimulates the spirit and raises one’s mood. When we meditate with this crystal, it brings a sense of peace and calm that can take us to the realm where we receive our angel guides’ help.

Angel aura is used in Reiki healing, reflexology and shiatsu and helps purify and align the chakras. It promotes communication and when used at the throat chakra, has healing properties in relationships. It balances the energy field within the body and has been said to be useful to treat autism spectrum disorders, nervous system issues, anxiety, and panic attacks. 

Rose Aura Quartz 

Rose aura quartz is also a clear quartz, usually paired with platinum, gold or silver and presents itself with a rosy metallic luster.  Its gentle energy soothes and boosts the heart chakra, eliminating self-doubt and healing body image issues. This quartz is used by some Reiki healers to ease menstrual issues, promote emotional healing, dealing with anger issues.  

Note: Many are known to use Angel and Rose Aura Quartzes during pregnancy to help with morning sickness. When placed on the womb, these crystals help connect with the baby and make delivery a joyous experience. I’ve learned from other healers that you should not wear rose quartz if you have a fibroid or cyst.

Apple Aura Quartz 

This clear quartz is paired with nickel and appears yellowish-green. It protects the spleen and boosts energy by cutting off the energy drain from others. It helps with releasing oneself from negative attachments, promoting cellular memory healing and balance.

Champagne Aura Quartz or Smoky Aura Quartz

This type of quartz is usually paired with gold and indium or iron, giving it a smoky gold metallic appearance. It has a high vibration and helps with grounding energy and bringing psychological changes in the body.

This quartz enhances the sacral and solar plexus chakras and can be worn as a talisman, especially to overcome energy blocks. It protects against negative energies.

It is suitable for those in the personal development business and helps with conflict resolution and negotiation. It resolves impossible situations and inspires generosity. Other benefits are organ and hormonal balance, metabolic function, strengthening the thyroid, immune and endocrine system.

Cobalt Aura Quartz 

This clear Quartz is paired with cobalt and has brilliant shades of metallic blue, violet and gold. Wearing it helps bring calm and encourages creativity. It stimulates the throat chakra and frees oneself from holding back in life. It also enhances the wearer’s healing powers, especially when they are in the field of energy healing or spiritual work.  This is perfect in spiritual rituals, meditation, and energy shifts, in addition to chakra alignment. It stimulates the third eye and higher crown chakras, helping with concentration and reading people. Health wise, it is known to improve enzyme function and kidney, pancreas, liver, and spleen health.

Rainbow Aura Quartz 

Rainbow Aura is a strong healer and promotes balance in the body.  A clear quartz paired with gold and titanium, it has a multi-colored appearance. It activates the body’s energy centers. It resolves relationship problems.

Ruby Aura Quartz 

This quartz is paired with platinum, gold or silver giving it a bright red sheen.  It activates the heart and cleanses the base chakra. It helps overcome negative emotions and stimulates the energy centers. It is said to heal the endocrine system, sciatica, lower back pain, slipped disc and infections.

Sunshine Aura Quartz 

Paired with gold and platinum, this clear quartz is like a bright yellow lustrous crystal. Its powerful energy stimulates and cleanses the solar plexus chakra. It helps heal past traumas and inspires hope and optimism.

Sunshine aura quartz is said to help detox and relieve digestive issues, heal the pancreas, liver, spleen, gall bladder and nervous system. It also helps with body balance and in treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) while promoting the absorption of vitamin A, D and E. It helps overcome depression.

Tangerine Aura Quartz

Tangerine Aura Quartz

This is a clear quartz paired with gold and iron and appears yellow-orange. Its dynamic energy supports spiritual exploration and insight.  Tangerine aura crystal strengthens the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras to cleanse the body and free up the flow of energy, stimulating creativity and clarity of thought. This quartz recharges cell function, promoting psychological strength, liver and spleen health, and healing anemia.

Tanzine Aura Quartz

Paired with gold, indium and niobium, this clear quartz has blue, indigo and purple metallic overtones. Indium has been used in homeopathic treatments for years to balance hormones. The tanzine aura quartz is a high vibration stone and aligns the crown chakra, absorbing cosmic energy into the body. It helps in meditation and centering and brings spiritual comfort, getting rid of emotional blocks. Using this quartz also improves intuitive powers and is especially useful to mediums, clairvoyants, and psychics. 

Tanzine aura quartz regulates the pituitary hypothalamus, and pineal glands, bringing hormonal balance. It helps with issues with the head, neck, vision, memory, and aging. Tanzine aura quartz has also been used to treat depression, ADHD, epilepsy, and the after-effects of strokes, accident and infections. 

Aqua Aura Quartz 

aqua-aura-quartz crystal

As I mentioned earlier, aqua aura quartz is popular among aura quartzes and is often aptly called the success stone or abundance stone. It is a clear quartz paired with gold and has a rich aquamarine color.

How aqua aura quartz is bonded with gold

The gorgeous color of this quartz is achieved through a special treatment process where the quartz crystals are subjected to 1500F heat in a vacuum. After it reaches the right heat and vacuum, chemically purified gold vapors are infused into the chamber where the crystals are placed. The gold bonds to the surface of the stone giving it the electric blue color.

Often, carved quartz crystal or cabochons are infused with gold to create aqua aura, but you’ll usually find that the common forms are points and clusters. Sometimes these can even show cracks because of the heat and vacuum they are subjected to, but this does not affect their beauty or energy. In fact, you’ll see rainbows where the cracks or fissures occur, making them even more beautiful.

You are probably wondering how the bonding of the gold affects the quartz. Interestingly, the gold strengthens the positive effects of the stone.

Aqua aura quartz – healing powers

Wearing the aqua aura quartz brings a deep sense of tranquility. Its intense vibration can boost the healing powers of other minerals. By itself, it has an excellent healing energy, cleansing the body and healing your auric field. And once that happens, the stone activates your chakras, putting you on the path to spiritual growth.

It is also powerful in activating your soul energy and releasing negativity and stress. It stimulates the throat chakra, making one more expressive and offers deep insight into oneself. It protects against psychic, psychological and spiritual attacks and brings immense peace. When used during meditation, it boosts energy flow.

Aqua aura quartz relieves stress and dissipates anger, bringing a sense of peace and calm. It heals old wounds and boosts self-esteem, making you focus your energies on productive outcomes.

Aqua aura quartz strengthens the thymus gland, immune system, liver, spleen, and pancreas. It helps treat genetic disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and mental and genetic health issues.  It promotes cellular memory healing and emotional balance.

For those looking to advance their careers especially in the travel and pharmaceutical industry, this quartz opens up new opportunities. It helps increase mental clarity, psychic skills and awareness.

When you wear the aqua aura quartz, it will bring you luck and prosperity, helping you transform obstacles into opportunities. Place it in the space where you work or make important decisions or when you are starting something new to take advantage of its positive influence.

Wear the aqua aura quartz or place it in various areas of your home or workplace to get the best from its healing power. For career-related guidance place it in the north area of your space. If your goal is stronger relationships, place it in the west or northwest area of your space.

To summarize, use the aqua aura quartz for the following:

·       To align your chakras

·       To connect throat and heart chakra

·       To heal the auric field

·       To strengthen heart chakra energy

·       To stimulate the third eye and throat chakra to develop your psychic communication gifts. 

·       To enhance and develop your psychic skills

·       To communicate better, to find your voice and speak up to get what you want

·       Find your inner truth and purpose in life

·       To quit wasting your time and doing what makes your soul happy

·       To let go of your perceived limitations

·       To accept yourself for who you are

·       For guidance on your destined path towards success

·       To boost your mental abilities and connect with your spirit

·       To meditate and heal from emotional, spiritual and mental stress.

·       To process emotional disturbances, grief, and traumas to the point where they are no longer stressful.

·       To restore and balance your energies

·       To attract wealth and success

·       To protect you against negative energies and psychic attacks

·       To ease the transition in the death process by bringing calm

·       To active the energy of other stones

If you are into distance spiritual energy healing, Aqua Aura is excellent as it can effectively send energy. When used with other stones, it activates and energizes them, increasing their healing power—which means it is ideal for crystal layout or grid healing.  

And of course, without doubt, it makes a gorgeous and mesmerizing jewelry piece to wear, bringing with it powerful healing properties.

A note about combining aqua aura quartz with other stones

Aqua aura quartz is best paired with equally high vibration stones such as green amethyst, iolite, citrine, rhodochrosite, chrysoprase, tanzanite, rainbow labradorite, golden labradorite, Oregon opal, moldavite, datolite, and angel aura danburite.

Aurora Quartz  or Anandalite, which is one of the varieties of rainbow quartz that occurs naturally, also pairs well with aqua aura quartz.

Specifically, to activate the throat chakra, aqua aura quartz is paired with amazonite, aquamarine, blue calcite, and chrysocolla.

Aqua aura quartz enhances the benefits of blue throat chakra stones, in particular Blue Calcite, Chrysocolla, Amazonite or Aquamarine.   

A number of third eye chakra stones such as seraphinite, howlite, charoite and Covellite combine well with Aqua Aura. Also, blue third eye chakra stones complement aqua aura since they resonate with the third eye and throat chakra.

Other stones usually combined with aqua aura include blue larimar, blue sapphire, lapis lazuli and iolite crystals. Used with que sera crystals, Herkimer diamonds or blue celestite, aqua aura quartz boosts clairaudient abilities.  

A tip about stone and quartz crystals

When you decide to buy a new stone or crystal, I recommend that you use it on its own without combining it with another stone so that you can get the full feel of its unique energy. Then, when you decide to combine it with other stones, use it for short periods to see its impact on you as this can be different for different people. 

With spiritual empowerment comes inner peace and enough energy to accomplish your goals.  Leverage the power of the aqua aura quartz to make your dreams come true.

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