Company Info

WuVala is a Division of Divine Web Media, Inc. A registered business in NY since 2017. All informational work on is written by Vanita Cyril, President of Divine Web Media, Inc, an Ordained Spiritual Minister, an Ordained Shakti Shamanic Priestess, and a Certified Reiki Master.

All products are either handmade by Vanita Cyril or sourced from other small business merchants. WuVala can be contacted via email at

WuVala’s Mission

Our mission is to offer our divine sisters and brothers the tools and guidance to assist them in confidently connecting with their divine selves so they can:

  • Overcome obstacles in their personal and professional lives.
  • Rise above the daily drama.
  • Manifest their dreams into realities.

You are a powerful divine being. It is your right to create the life you want. We’d like to share with you the guidance and tools to do so.

WuVala’s Beliefs

WuVala believes in the divinity of every person. We believe that every person is an expression of the Divine. We believe everyone has the power to manifest happiness, fulfillment, and an excitement for life. We believe that intuition, spirituality, crystals, energy-healing, divination, herbalism, etc. – are tools to help us in creating the magic of manifesting our dreams and goals. WuVala believes a bit of magic every day is essential to creating the life we want.