3 Healing Crystals to Cleanse Our Energies for A Fresh New Year

Ever wondered how, when you wear that crystal ring or bracelet or necklace, you suddenly feel a sense of calm or confidence or positive energy? Or when you walked on the beach and picked up a pebble and felt its vibrations? You just experienced the healing power of crystals! Healing crystals bring balance to our life and mind. Each crystal has a stable energy pattern with a unique frequency and energy field, which brings harmony to the human body. Crystals have been valued for centuries for their spiritual healing powers in self-care and for protection. The Egyptians are reputed to have adorned themselves with crystals like lapis lazuli to ward off negative energy. While science is still trying to understand exactly how crystals heal, there is data on how crystals utilize energy. We share that information in our article Introduction to Crystals. Scroll to the section titled: The science behind crystal energy. Today’s crystal healing philosophy centers around the Chinese concept of life energy (chi) and the Hindu concept of chakras which connect the physical and spiritual elements of the body.

How do crystals actually work?

Simply put, crystals act as conduits for healing. Since our bodies are dynamic organisms with electromagnetic properties, we always have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy flowing through us. Crystals help channel and influence that energy to achieve our spiritual goals when we use them with the right intention and focus. Each stone is assigned with specific properties based on their particular vibration and frequency and can be used for self-healing, removing stress and negativity. Since crystals are found in nature, they carry the power of the earth, sun, moon and oceans to heal us from the inside, promoting emotional and spiritual cleansing. They optimize the healing abilities we have within us, helping us connect better and feel at ease, balancing our energy levels. For a better understanding of how healing crystals can cleanse your energy, let’s look at three powerful healing crystals: amazonite, aqua aura and lapis lazuli and their specific uses.


For those seeking emotional healing, Amazonite is the perfect choice. If you are experiencing trauma, it soothes and calms the mind, driving away worry and fear. If you feel irritable or angry, it channels these feelings into positive action. It steers you towards emotional balance. Some powerful uses of amazonite are:

  • increase self-esteem
  • encourage yourself to focus on self-care
  • enhance your communication abilities, helping you use your words more effectively to accomplish what you want.
  • improve self-discipline
  • set healthy boundaries in relationships.

…to name just a few. If any of these benefits align with what you want, we have beautiful amazonite gemstone bracelets and amazonite tumbled stones to help you achieve this.

Aqua Aura

This gorgeous crystal has the power to activate your soul energy, release negativity and stress. It brings a deep sense of peace. It makes you more expressive by stimulating your throat chakra and creating self-awareness. Its wonderful healing energy cleanses your body and heals your auric field, activating your chakras and triggering your spiritual growth. Its intense vibration increases the healing powers of other minerals. You can use Aqua aura for:

  • Protecting you against psychic, psychological and spiritual attacks
  • Filling you with peace
  • Boosting energy flow in meditation
  • Relieving stress
  • Removing anger
  • Healing emotional wounds
  • Raising self-esteem
  • Keeping you positively focused on your energies

Here is comprehensive information on aqua aura quartz. To enjoy the benefits of this healing crystal, shop our aqua aura pendants and aqua aura protection bracelets

Lapis Lazuli

Reputed to be one of the oldest spiritual healing crystals in the world, lapis lazuli embodies universal truth. It is used by healers, priests and royalty for enhancing power, wisdom and to intensify psychic abilities. When placed over the third eye or brow chakra, which is the command center from where we perceive the world and control our energy flow in the body, lapis lazuli activates it and balances your throat chakra energy. When this chakra is in balance, our mind and thoughts are clear. We are open to fresh perspectives, ideas and dreams. Lapis lazuli helps us control the flow of energy within all our chakras, but especially the throat chakra, which, when blocked, can affect the other chakras. When in balance, we are in flow; we are able to express ourselves well and be authentic. When energy flows upward from the lower chakras, there is a smooth flow of energy within our body and spirit bringing us immense peace. Wear Lapis lazuli to:

  •  Relieve stress
  • Bring peace and calm
  • Expand awareness
  • Tune in to your inner self
  • Enhance dream work
  • Open up self-awareness
  • Aid your spiritual journey
  • Bring clarity of thought

Take a look at this beautiful lapis lazuli mala that can bring you all the benefits of this crystal.

Ready to cleanse your energy?

Adding healing crystals to your life can raise your positive energy and confidence. When used in the right way, crystals give off a positive, uplifting and calming vibration that not only makes you feel rejuvenated but also gives you an overall feeling of wellbeing. And crystals are worth adding to your spiritual healing toolkit for improved clarity in your life, especially during these difficult times. The first step when you decide to work with crystals is to ask yourself what you want to achieve and accordingly choose the right one. Do you want to create a soothing atmosphere in your home? Or get rid of negative energy and attract positive energy? Do you need emotional healing? Whatever your goals, healing crystals have the power to help you accomplish them. The three crystals described above – Amazonite, Aqua Aura and Lapis Lazuli are a great starting point.

While crystals can be an addition to your healing routine, please note that they are not a substitute for a doctor’s professional advice. For all health-related issues, please consult your doctor. See full disclaimer here.

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