11-11 Abundance Ritual

This has been a tough year and many of us are struggling with finances. WuVala believes that prayer and ritual is a way of changing a situation into something wonderful, especially when you combine it with tomorrow’s 11/11 auspicious energy of abundance. The practice of prayer and ritual is ancient, sacred and powerful and practicing it on November 11 can open your path to positive change and abundance. Today I’d like to share with you a simple ritual that you can do any day but can be very potent on 11/11. 

11/11 Abundance Ritual

Ritual work on 11/11 is known to be extra powerful, and if there is energy you’d like to invite into your life (health, happiness, money), 11/11 is a great day for it.

Here’s what you’ll need:

#1 Your belief in Divine Energy. Religion doesn’t matter here. What matters is your relationship with a Divine Energy. This Divine Energy could be a god/goddess, an angel, a saint, an ancestor – an energy that you talk/pray to, take your concerns to, that you KNOW is listening and is there for you. An important ingredient in manifesting anything, is a belief in a spiritual type of Energy, one not tethered to this earth. Why? Because with prayer and ritual, we’re trying to co-create change on the spiritual plain that we want to be manifested here on the physical plain. So we need a “co-creator” on the spiritual plain to co-create with us.

side note: yes, we can practice rituals without partnering with a divine energy. we can utilize earth energies, astrological energies, and even our own energy. we can combine those energies with our intentions to create the energy we’re seeking, it’s just so much easier when we have a creator to partner with. Two heads are better than one.

#2 One white candle. At least 4″ tall.

#3 Any type of abundance or manifesting oil. (examples: patchouli, bergamot, cinnamon, thyme, nutmeg oils) If you don’t have on hand, you can make an oil using ground cinnamon, thyme, or nutmeg and vegetable/olive/grapeseed oil. An exact recipe is not necessary. You want to add the ground ingredient to the oil, stirring occasionally, until the oil is fragrant.

#4 Matches.

#5 A clutter-free, clean, quiet space.

#6 A candle holder or fire proof container/plate to place your candle in.

#7 Paper and pen.

#8 Your favorite incense as a burnt offering.

#9 An incense holder.

What you can add (not required, only suggested if you have it on hand):

  • A photo/symbol/statue of the Energy you’ll be working with, only if you need it to help you focus.
  • Citrine crystals (or any abundance manifesting crystal/gemstone/mineral) to add additional energy to your ritual.
  • Quartz crystals to amplify your intentions.
  • Selenite crystals to keep your space clear.
  • Sage to cleanse your space before you begin.


Sage your space if doing so.

Place the photo/symbol/statue if using one. Your candle would need to be placed between your photo/symbol/statue and you, so you’ll want to place it directly opposite of you.

Write down your intention on paper. Here are a few examples:

  • I am open to money flowing to me easily.
  • I am open to new clients.
  • I am strong and fit, mentally and physically.
  • I am free of financial worries.
  • I am healed.

Fold the paper and set aside for use later.

Anoint your candle with the oil. Starting at the top of the candle and pulling toward you, wipe the oil onto the candle in a single motion as you say the intention you wrote down. Repeat until the entire candle has been coated in oil.

Place the candle in the candle holder and then light it as you call the Divine Energy you will be working with by saying their name out loud 3 or 9 or 11 times. If you do not have a candle holder, first light the bottom of the candle so the wax melts a bit and then place the sandle standing upright in the fire proof container.

Light your incense.

Place your paper under the candle holder/fire proof container.

If using crystals: Place your Selenite in front of you. Place your Citrine (abundance crystal/gemstone) at the North, South, East and West directions from your candle, an inch +/- away from the candle. Place the Quartz at the North East, South West, North West, South East directions from your candle, an inch +/- away from the abundance crystals or from the candle if not using the abundance crystals.

Put your hands together in prayer, close your eyes and pray to the Divine Energy. Say a heartfelt hello, express your gratitude for their help, tell them about your intention (no formal words are needed here, you’re speaking with an Energy that you have a relationship with).

Sit as long as you feel comfortable to. Meditate if you like. Meditation help to draw energy to us. When ready to end your ritual, put your hands together in prayer and recite the following verses from Psalm 66 three times. You do not need to be a specific religion or worship a specific entity to use the Psalms. I use the psalms in some instances because they are words of prayer to Divine Energy that carry an unimaginable amount of power because they’ve been repeated an innumerable amount of times since conception.

I will go into thy house with burnt offerings: I will pay thee my vows, Which my lips have uttered, and my mouth hath spoken, when I was in trouble.

End your prayer with a closing. Some say “Amen”, ‘So mote it be”, “Prachodyat”, “Jai God/Goddess Name”, “Om Tat Sat”, or just say “thank you for listening” and bow your head in reverence.

Four inch tall candles do not take very long to burn, maybe 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the thickness. It may be almost burned out by the time you’re done or you may have to wait a bit. If it’s a big candle, out the fire and leave the setup to pray again the next day, and each day thereafter until the candle is completely burned out. Never leave burning candles unattended.

I truly hope you find this ritual easy to do and that you are granted your request. Please share with like-minded friends so we can help one another.

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